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What is Weve?

Weve is a company which was formed in September 2012 and is wholly owned by O2. Weve creates mobile marketing and advertising campaigns for companies such as Tesco, Heineken and Microsoft that aim to be of real interest and relevance to the people who receive them. These ads take the form of SMS, MMS and video messages (via the messaging service of O2) and mobile display ads featured on mobile apps and websites.

We think that mobile advertising can be of great benefit to consumers, but we also understand that some people are concerned about the kind of data that we have access to and how we use it. The information on this page explains more about what we do, how we protect people’s privacy and how consumers can control the kinds of adverts and messages they receive which are enabled by us.

How does Weve ensure that adverts are genuinely interesting and relevant?

Weve delivers only those adverts and messages that match the interests of specific groups of people. We receive information about those interests from O2, which in turn is collected directly from their customers and indirectly from analysis of their behaviour, such as gender, age group, websites they visit most often and real-world locations they visit.

No information that identifies an individual is passed to our advertisers. Instead, the information is used by us to define very broad groups of people who share characteristics – music fans or car enthusiasts, for example. We can then deliver relevant advertising or messaging to people within those groups on behalf of O2.

For example, we might create a campaign for mums, sending them offers for their weekly shop; a football campaign, for those brands who want to promote their products or services to soccer fans; or a campaign promoting a special offer sending messages to people within specific distance of a particular store (for people who want to receive location-based offers).

Key facts about the data we use

We take great care to use the data behind these campaigns only in ways that respect the privacy and trust of mobile users. Some important facts about the data that Weve uses:

  • It’s consent-based. All the data that Weve receives is based on information from people who have given consent to O2 to be shown advertising and sent messages. Without that consent, Weve cannot send any ads or messages.
  • It’s anonymous. Before we use any data in our campaigns, all the personally identifiable information that could identify a specific individual is completely obscured – even the phone number. That means that Weve is working with depersonalised data – no names, no addresses, no dates of birth and no email addresses.
  • It’s protected. We use high-grade data security techniques to convert the data into an encrypted form to protect the data from unauthorised access, which makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised third parties to read. We never sell data to any third parties, under any circumstances.
  • It’s regulated. The data belongs to O2 and Weve can only use this data in accordance with its instructions and consent of the mobile users. Just as importantly, we are members of key industry bodies that help to shape responsible data usage in the UK and Europe – see the Setting the gold standard section below for more information.

Opting out

We respect everyone’s privacy, and we want to make sure that we don’t send adverts and messages to reach people who don’t want to see them. So we’ve created several mechanisms for helping you to opt out of the marketing campaigns which Weve enables.

  • In-ad opt-outs. Weve has worked closely with the IAB and European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) to provide in-ad op-outs for mobile display via a mechanism called AdChoices. Weve takes care to ensure that every mobile display ad it serves using consumer data from its platform carries the distinctive AdChoices icon. This icon allows the user to stop receiving these ads via Weve with one click.

  • Via text message - replying STOP to any message sent via Weve will remove you from the messaging service of O2. For more information, refer to the O2 More Terms and Conditions listed here.

Once you opt out, you are removed permanently from our systems. If you want to opt back in to receiving Weve messages and advertising, you’ll have to contact O2 customer service. It’s also important to note that while you will no longer receive any advertising or messaging enabled by Weve using data from O2, you may still receive other sorts of ads.

Our opt-out procedures have been reviewed by several industry authorities, including the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), the EDAA and TRUSTe – see below for more details.

Setting the gold standard

We want to make sure that we’re giving consumers the best available tools to control the way that we use their data. So we’re working with advertisers, industry bodies and regulators to ensure that we are constantly developing best practices and improving standards. Some of the organisations that we’re working with are listed below.

  • Weve is participating in the IAB EU Mobile Advertising working group, set up to address the issues and technical challenges of bringing the Ad Choices framework into the mobile ecosystem.

  • We require all of our advertisers to adhere to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines at all times http://www.asa.org.uk/

Our principles

Weve is founded on three core guiding principles: relevance, protection and control. What does this mean in practice?

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