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Who are Weve?

Weve is a joint venture between the UK’s three largest mobile network operators (MNOs) – EE, Telefonica UK (O2) and Vodafone UK. Between them, they represent over 80% of UK mobile customers, a user base unmatched by any single handset vendor or technology company.

The joint venture was formed by the three shareholders to create and accelerate the development of mobile marketing and wallet services in the UK. Through Weve, they have created the ability for advertisers, retailers, banks and many other organisations to connect to a large-scale mobile commerce platform via a consistent set of technologies and standards, without having to duplicate effort. Weve’s shareholders have unrivalled experience of engaging with mobile customers. They understand the complex and very personal relationship their customers have with their devices and how they use them both today and in the future. At the same time, they have unmatched experience on rolling out services across a myriad of devices and their relationship with customers will play a vital component in ensuring the rapid growth of the market.

Each shareholder understands that any successful m-commerce business will need to work at scale, across millions of customers individually on a multitude of devices. Weve brings these unique components together and translates them into the m-commerce space as the core platform for its business.

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